7 lesser known items that effect your home’s value

The attached article, from Msn Money, outlines some of the lessor thought of items that can effect the sale of your home. When preparing to sell your home, in the near or distant future, keep in mind this appraiser’s rating system.

Here is an excerpt from the article: Appraisers have a rating system that takes in both age and maintenance, Fries said.

“C1 is new, C2 almost new or any age if recently renovated, C3 well maintained with no deferred maintenance, C4 adequately maintained with some minimal repairs, C5 livable but needs help, C6 severe defects,” Fries said. “So if you (have) a 15-year-old home, you want to get a C3 rating, (because) a C4 could cost you a big adjustment. . . . A well-maintained home can often bring as much as 10% more than Miss Piggy’s house around the corner.”