A Guide to Closet-Decluttering

     Taking the first steps to decluttering your home is the best way to get ready to put it on the market. Organizing your closet spaces can be the most daunting of spaces to declutter, you don’t know what pair of old gym sneakers are hidden in dark corners, or if that terrible sweater you wore in High School is lurking in some box.


Here is what to do:

– Take all of your items and separate them into three piles: “Keep”, “Don’t Keep”, and “Store”
– Take the “keep” pile and go through each item asking yourself:
        – Does this fit me?
        – When is the last time I wore this?
        – Is it the right season?
        – Do I really need three blue sweaters?

– After you’ve asked these questions, chances are your “Keep” pile will be much smaller. Now you can take the items you want to keep and put them back into your closet in an organized fashion.

– Next, take the “Don’t Keep” item and figure out which items can be donated and which must be thrown away. (you don’t want to donate your old socks that have holes in them)

– Put the items to donate in bags or boxes and leave them by your front door, that will remember to take them out next time you leave the house. Immediately throw away the items that cannot be donated. (read where do donate to learn about donation centers.)

– Now you are left with the “Store” pile. These items can often be the trickiest to sort through, as there may be some that you will never use but are too afraid to get rid of, so ask yourself these questions:
        – When is the next time I will need this; next week? a month? a year?
        – Do I even like this item?
        – Do I have space to store this?

– Again, you can expect that this pile will get much smaller. Take the items that you don’t want to store and put them in the donate boxes/bags.

– Lastly, put your storable items in sealed containers (no cardboard boxes, as those can get moldy) and store them in an appropriate place in your house (garage, basement, utility closet) to avoid cluttering other areas.

Now, take a look at your closet and how much space there is!

-Happy Decluttering!