Basement Air Flow

When previewing home, s I consistently see a  multitude of basement remodels. The  first question that comes to mind upon entering these basements  is: How is the basement airflow?  Maintaining a healthy airflow, particularly in our moist climate, can be a real challenge on both main and lower levels of a home.

How to improve ventilation in your basement:

1. Install Egress Windows (Visit City of Seattle planning department for required specs) that can cross ventilate with another window or exhaust fan – a number of my clients have done this for $2500 or under, depending on how much of the work they can do themselves.

2. Install a basement air exhaust system, which exhaust moisture and replace it with fresh, dryer air. A Humedex system works miracles for some.

3. Purchase  a dehumidifier and/or fan for opening window.