Searching for home & school


Are you searching for the “right” home and school?  If so, I would advise you to speak with a number of seasoned parents to get an idea of how to balance your school choice with work commute time, home size/quality, neighborhood  & yard.

Here are a few tools to help you start planning  your search.  If you want to choose your school first, check out the  Washington State School website then search for homes within your chosen school  boundaries with the Home Search function on our website. Just click on the school you are interested in and it will show you the school boundary and the homes for sale within that boundary.

After raising three kids and seeing them all graduate from college during the past few years, I couldn’t be happier  that our family made our “school district move” early on,  before our kids started Kindergarden.  Since I was/am a certified K teacher, I continue to be  focused on the importance of having educational options for our children.

Happy School/House hunting!