Clogged Toilet? Watch out for estimates to unclog!

A few days ago a Client/Friend called me about a rather negative contractor experience he had concerning the unplugging of a toilet in one of his apartments. This person is a Contractor himself, so plumbers, electricians, etc. can never “get away” with much.  Curiously, another friend of mine had an ALMOST IDENTICAL experience a few months back, where I was able to WITNESS AND STOP acceptance of the bogus “unclog the toilet” work bid.  The scenarios were the same:

1. Homeowner calls contractor they find in the Yellow Pages

2. Contractor comes out and attempts to snake the toilet. In this most recent case, Contractor told my client that the snake could only reach something like 20 feet, which wasn’t  true. The problem is not solved with the initial snake., but home owner is charged$$.

3. Contractor says they will provide you a discount to send  a camera down to examine the clog = another charge$$.

4. Contractor then says that there are roots that will need to be dug out and cut out. The cost in both cases was over $5000.00.

Result: My second Client/friend knew enough to call another contractor who came in and snaked the drain clean for $275.00.  I  called another contractor for the first homeowner who did the same, also for around $275.00, but not before the first contractor had  parked their backhoe in front of their yard, ready to dig and charge big $$!