Earthquake retro fitting

Here are some of the frequently asked Home Retrofit Questions.


What does Home Retrofit mean? It is the process of bolting a wood-frame home to its foundation and providing sheer/pony wall strength, using sturdy plywood as the reinforcement material. The goal is to increase a home’s structural integrity, but does not make a home “earthquake proof”.


Why should I retrofit my home? If your home was built prior to 1980, it is probable that the pony wall (first section of wall above the foundation) was not Earthquake retrofitted during initial construction. The second main reason to do a retrofit is to improve your chances of obtaining earthquake insurance. Insurance companies will ask you for a permit, which can take 1-3 days to obtain, once your application is submitted to the city.


Here are 3 Home Retrofit Contractors, in case you decide not to take this project on yourself.  They were recommended by the instructor as Contractors who do retrofitting as a specialty.  They are:


A-FFIX, LLC, Bruce Schoonmaker, 206-284-6226, lic#AFFIXL*015KS, Seattle

Home Improvement Services, Robert (Tony) Holder, 206-784-7955,                         lic#HOMEIS*023PH, Seattle

Jackson Remodeling, LLC (AKA Sound Seismic), Erik Jackson, 206-352-5644,JACKSRL016K8


Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Center offers some amazing classes about Earth quake retrofitting. I took one of these classes, which was eye-opening!