Lead Paint: Many home built before 1978 contain lead based paint and what this means to you!

When you consider purchasing a home built prior to 1978, particularly one that you plan to remodel, it’s important to know the facts concerning Lead Based Paint.

As a standard practice,  your Real Estate Agent to  give you a  Lead Paint Hazards Pamphlet, produced by the Environmental Protection Agency. This publication explains the risks, mitigation measures, etc. of Lead Paint in the home.  In addition,  when you write up an offer on a pre-1978 home, the seller is required to disclose whether they have knowledge of lead-based paint in their home. He or she will do this by filling out a form 22J, disclosure of Lead-Based Paint and Hazards. The Home Buyer, once he/she receives form 22J,  then has the choice of performing a risk assessment to look for lead-based paint risks, waiving this  right, or rescinding the agreement all together.  22J is part of the purchase contract. The Federal Government banned the use of Lead-Based Paint in 1978, but Lead-based paint poisoning still occurs in the U.S. See Angie’s List October e-article to read about actual cases of Lead-based Paint poisoning.