Preparing your home to sell or rent: 5 crucial “fixes”

Learn how to earn tidy profits when selling or renting out  your home or investment property with these quick renovation and maintenance tips.


Do your walls appear simple white and boring?  Does a nondescript beige or brown exterior greet potential buyers? Eliminate the institutional look and give your home a brand new appearance inside and out with a quality paint job. If you are dealing with 1970s dark doors and trim, consider incorporating those into a larger “Cafe Latte” color scheme to save money.  Consider changing out your “hollow core” doors with solid ones – preferably with panels. “Opt out” of the  white plastic panel doors, even though they are cheaper.

Fresh Smell

The sense of smell is a powerful tool especially when it comes to selling a home. Pet odors, smoking or other unpleasant smells can dramatically alter the impression of the home. Get rid of or  clean carpet, air vents, upholstery, or any other furnishing that  collects odors. Make it a priority to change the air filter and consider using an enzymatic treatment for deep-set odors. Marketing companies use smell to sell everything from new cars to clothing, so  put the same tips to work when renovating by using fragrance to create the impression of quality, comfort, and cleanliness.

Clear, then Organize Clutter

Visually, a few well placed large objects of contrasting colors are more attractive than numerous small items. Use this knowledge to tackle objectionable areas and transform them into the center of attention, both inside and outside the home. Coordinate colors to give the impression of uniformity instead of clutter to make a small kitchen or bathroom look larger.

Carpet – If there are hardwoods below – remove carpeting and refinish

If there are not hardwoods below the  carpet, I would recommend an easy-clean, commercial grade carpet with a good carpet pad beneath. I must have shown 10 rental properties last weekend to couples moving to Seattle from out of state. Any  wall to wall, worn out carpeting was a real “turn off” to all of them.


Invest in low-maintenance lawns, water-saving devices and energy efficient appliances that will appeal to tenants and potential buyers alike. If renting out your home, I would recommend paying for a landscaping service to maintain it, then incorporate that cost into the rent.

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