Queen Anne Featured Business

I had always been curious about this local business, which, initially looked like a fruit and vegetable market, on the top of Queen Anne, 2400 Queen Anne Ave., N, Seattle, WA 98109. “Eat Local”, to my surprise and delight, offers a wide selection of  “ready to go” organic meals entrees that ARE NOT IN PLASTIC CONTAINERS! Instead, when you purchase an entrée, it comes in a glass pyrex type container, which you pay a deposit on. That deposit is refunded when you purchase your next entrée.  The microwave is available for use right inside the entrance. I indulged in the Sun-dried Tomato Chicken, which was amazing!

To get an idea of  the price of homes  on  Queen Anne, visit my website’s Queen Anne/Magnolia  Market Update.  Our Queen Anne Open House, last week, attracted quite a few buyers who are only looking on Queen Anne!