Quick Bathroom Fixes

Latest Homes Update August 2012

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Six Easy Bathroom Updates
Photo: © Sirarmstrong – Dreamstime

If you’re tired of your bathroom’s decor, but don’t want to spend a fortune, try one of these six ideas to take your bathroom from failing to fabulous.
Paint perfection.
Pale yellows brighten up a room and make it appear larger; darker colors like burgundy or chocolate have a rich, warm appearance. Greens or blues are soothing and exude peace and tranquility. Don’t just paint the walls; if your bathroom cabinet looks shabby, paint it too (you may need to lightly sand the old finish, so the fresh paint adheres to the surface).

Help your hardware.
Don’t overlook details that are an easy DIY job. Even something as simple as swapping out the boring, long towel rods found in most older homes for the sleek, round hanging ones can immediately modernize a room. Bathroom hardware and fixtures come in a variety of finishes, such as silver, pewter, or bronze. Keep the look polished by making sure all the fixtures and hardware have matching finishes.

Make a marvelous mirror.
Framing the mirror is an easy project that makes the decor look more polished—especially if your bathroom mirror has blackened or chipped edges. Use casing from the hardware store to make a frame and install it over the already mounted mirror. If you don’t have a miter saw for the corners, place rosette blocks (find these in the molding section at the hardware store) in each corner to add extra detail.

Boost your bath’s beauty with beadboard.
Installing beadboard is an easy fix that transforms a featureless, dull bathroom into a charming one. To make the room pop, paint the beadboard glossy white and then paint the wall above a different color; or, paint the beadboard and the wall above in contrasting shades.

Transform a terrible tub.
Nothing dims your bathroom’s brilliance like a chipped, stained or rusted bathtub. Having the tub refinished is an ideal solution. The cost will depend on the type of tub you have, but refinishing a tub is usually less expensive than buying a replacement. This is a job that’s best left to professionals, since their work is usually under warranty.

Simple storage solutions.
Adding shelves is a quick upgrade that is easy to do yourself; or, most home improvement stores carry ready-made cabinets that will fit above a toilet. Another quick option is a wood or metal space saver that fits around the toilet. Don’t forget creative solutions like wall hooks or over the door organizers—they are simple to install and free up precious counter space.