Simplify To Sell

Mimi Stewart – Brent Reid | 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as you prepare to sell your home. I like to think of clearing out your home as a bunch of little tasks that can be broken down and separated from each other. Imagine yourself as a sculptor with a huge slab of rock or an oil painter with a blank canvas. You know that in order to create what you consider a work of art, that you will have to chip or brush many times. The process of clearing, like creating art, may be different than you expected, difficult at times, but cleansing nonetheless. Take each day to chip away at little tasks, with the knowledge that organizing or ridding yourself of clutter, will allow space for you to create a fresh outlook and/or a new chapter in your life.

Below are a few simplification tips:

1. Host a garage/yard sale using one of our unbranded garage sale signs.


2. Start Small by clearing out a shelf, or simply one row of a shelf. Even a tiny amount of clearing feels like a big accomplishment.

3. Clear Something Every Day for ten minutes minimum.

4. Think About What Matters by asking yourself: Have I even looked at this (object) stuff in the past year? Is this something my friends & family would ever want? Consider donating things like books, clothes, recreational equipment, and extra furniture to charities. Consider selling the more expensive antiques through an auction or consignment service.

5. Get help organizing and decluttering with an organizating service.

6.  Stay Calm. If you start decluttering in a calm state, knowing that you are going through an important process, you will feel an increased sense of accomplishment and calm at the end of the day.

Let me know if you have questions about where to donate your things, services that will pick up unwanted items and whatever else you might need to do to prepare your home to sell. Happy Decluttering! – Mimi

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