Refacing kitchen cabinets

At what point should you replace versus “reface” your kitchen cabinets?  Here are a few guidelines

Rats! It’s Fall

If you wonder what that “pitter patter” sound you hear at night is, you might consider that Fall is the time of year  when rodents start coming indoors. If you suspect rats or mice, you might want to start utilizing traps to catch them, as you work to seal up any and all of their entrances.  There are decent (black plastic) rat traps available  at Fred Meyer.  A good exterminator will come seal up  any holes where he/she thinks the rats are entering the house (near plumbing, attics, basement, holes in siding.).Sealing the holes should be done before it gets really cold and they prefer to stay indoors during the day. Try not to keep compost type garbage in the house, which really attracts them  What you don’t want is for a rat to eat  a poison like Decon then NOT be able to make it outside and die/rot in the wall. Decon is also hard on cats and Chihuahuas.

The woodpeckers are coming! Are you ready?

If you live near Puget Sound, you with undoubtedly start to hear the early morning tap! tap! tap! sound of woodpeckers. Often times, this time of year, these birds choose to nest just below the eaves of your house or anywhere they can find a nice perch and protection from the elements and other predators. The problem is, they will peck out big holes in your siding to create their nesting cavities. Once they are done raising their young, the starlings often occupy the nest site.

Solution: Once you have identified their favorite nesting spot in your home, you can hang shiny, used CDs above that area to keep them away. That tends to work for awhile, if the CD doesn’t blow off in the wind. After having to repair woodpecker holes for three years in a row, we have resorted to installing sheet metal with screws in their favorite spots. The siding is reinstalled over this. The birds tend to return to the same nesting spot year after year, so we hope this will work!