Tips for Setting up a HOME OFFICE

Estate Homes, is a Home remodeling company, based out of Mill Creek, offers 10 tips for creating a functional Home Office.

According to statistics, more than half of small businesses within the United States are home-based, and the practice of telecommuting is on the rise. There are now more than 22 million Americans who work from home for at least part of the day, and that is predicted to increase significantly over the next five years. Not everyone has the space to dedicate an entire room to a home office, so we’ve collected 10 ideas to help inspire you in creating or improving your own office nook.
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Many homeowners have areas in their kitchens, that may include a desk, from where a household can be run, but finding a place to run your business in your home can be a challenge. Here is a list of 10 places that you may not have thought of to put a home office nook!
CLOSET – Do you have a closet that is under-utilized? Could you relocate items in your linen closet? Remove the doors and put a desk in it! Use pocket doors, bi-folds or curtains to hide when not in use.
UNDER STAIRCASE – If you have an odd-shaped space below your staircase, and don’t have a basement stair below it, it can be utilized as a desk nook.
HALLWAY – Hallways that are long and wide are great places to put a desk area along a side wall, or at the end.
CORNER – Carve out a corner of a room, opening into an unused closet or storage area.
ARMOIRE – Tuck a desk into an armoire. When the doors are closed, work is out of sight and out of mind.
LAUNDRY AND MUD ROOMS – Closer to command central, these areas can also be a place for a small desk area.
SECTION OFF a portion of a room and either use a free-standing partition; or instead of hiding it, create an office area that blends in with the rest of the space using the same wood and cabinetry style for built-ins
BUMP OUT a small nook into an unused garage space.
MASTER BEDROOM – A nook or bay in the master bedroom could also be considered if there is no other place to put a desk. A dresser table can double as a desk, and an upholstered chair can be multi-purpose.
FLEXIBLE ROOM – Build a desk into a room that multi-purposes as a guest bedroom. If space is extra tight, consider a Murphy bed.
Let Estate Homes help you find you own office nook!
Tips and Considerations

Don’t forget about good lighting. If you are lucky enough to have a window nearby, even better, but avoid putting a desk in front of a south-facing window due to summer glare and low winter sun
Use every bit of wall space for shelving or cabinetry
Maximize space below cabinetry with a pegboard or bar with hooks; magnetic strip bulletin boards or corkboard with fun fabric or bling-covered push pins
Put your desk on casters so that it can be moved for different purposes
Choose unconventional furniture and storage options, that are much more stylish and personal than those traditionally used in an office. Downsize the chair to a sleek but comfortable one.

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