Window replacement bids – 8 tips

If you have ever tried to schedule window replacement bids, you have witnessed the wide array of contractor expertise in this area! Below are a few tips to consider when choosing a window contractor.

1. Does the contractor doing the bid know his/her window products well, ie. the pros and cons of each window make, model & manufacturer?

2. Does the contractor provide you with a written bid that includes exact measurements?

3. Is the contractor licensed & bonded?

4. Does the contractor have more than three (3) positive reviews on Angies List and Yelp? (I have found that Angie’s List produces some of the best contractors).

5. Can the contractor guarantee specific dates (in writing) of project completion?

6. Is the contractor open to doing a second measurement prior to ordering the windows – always request that they do this.

7. Is the contractor willing to cut the holes for the windows & trim/seal the windows once they are installed? – big time saver for you!!

8. Expertise and a superior window product trump price in my opinion!

New windows may be the best investment you can make to improve your property!