Multi-Modal Communities and Complete Streets

Multi-modal communities & “Complete” streets
Lately, as  I make my daily rounds of  previewing homes, I have taken to rating each home, on a scale of 1-5,  for it’s “sense of neighborhood“. In contemplating what makes a great neighborhood, I ran across the following online article, featured on AARP Online .”Complete streets, are also referred to as multi-modal  neighborhoods, by certain community  planners. This morning I viewed one home, which I gave a rating of 1 (the best) in terms of  having a great sense neighborhood. There were beautiful, mature,  street trees, wide sidewalks that accomodated  babies in strollers, elderly persons, as well as  joggers. People, versus autos, dominated this urban landscape.  In addition, there were picket fences, versus the higher chain link or privacy versions, hidden garages, landscaping for the benefit of passersby, a corner park, school and  store.