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Seattle Neighborhood Specialists

Do you have a house to sell in Seattle?

Mimi and Coldwell Banker Danforth are here to help! For 20+ years Mimi has self managed long and short term rentals, remodelled homes and advised clients on how to sell for top dollar. She provides 10 hours of free home sale preparation, free staging and ongoing price consultations to make sure the sale TIMING and PRESENTATION of your home are ideal.

Mimi’s Brokerage, Coldwell Banker Danforth, is a large, 200+ broker, connected, networked, informed, dynamic and wonderful community for Brokers. This larger brokerage translates into BIG: Comprehensive Services, $Returns and $Savings for clients. Example: Residential Sales Brokers frequently partner with Commercial Brokers and Property Managers on transactions and to answer client questions about various property types.     We hope you consider Mimi & Associates & Coldwell Banker Danforth for all of your current and future real estate needs.

The Seattle home inventory, communities, and topography are dynamic, beautiful and offer many options for home buyers. Welcome Home!

We are here to help!


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